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Minimal Desk

Social Media & Marketing

for Your Wellness Business

Reach the People Who Need You

with content that connects

Gain Confidence
Save Time
Simplify Social Media

Lack of visibility kills great businesses

Don't let a lack of time & confidence make you invisible
Help the people who need you, find you.

Gain confidence, save time, and simplify your social media with the Social Media Accelerator 

Gain Confidence: Feel comfortable creating content that sells anytime, anywhere

Save Time: With the latest tools and techniques never waste another second overthinking social media

Simplify: Create content that sells while you sleep

You don't have to do it alone.

Help is here​​


"I started working with Devon because I felt unequipped to market my business. Now I feel like I have a secret weapon."

Stacey Berger

Owner, White Mountains Helicopter


"Devon always delivered engaging, exceptional work. What makes her stand out is her adaptability and the quality of her writing."

Wendy Ikemoto

Editor, Chegg Inc.


"Devon got my style and took over so I could focus my energy elsewhere."

Tawana C. Miller

Chef/Owner, BfitBfly Brand

How it works

Step 1: Free Consult

Talk about your business and where you want to take it. This is your chance to be heard.

Step 2: Creation

Get the confidence boost and time-saving tools you need to create content that consistently draws your ideal client.

Step 3: See Yourself Everywhere

Relax while your content works as a digital salesforce for your brand so the people who need you can find you. 

Stop wasting time and gain the confidence and consistency you need to be successful on social


With video becoming the most important medium on social media, more and more great businesses are being left behind because they are afraid to go on camera. With the Social Media Accelerator, we will help you overcome your fears and reach your ideal clients. 


Trusting someone else with your brand voice is risky. However, with the Social Media Accelerator, we take the best of what you say, in your own words, and blasts it out across your social media, so you can always feel reassured that you are being represented the way you would want to be. 


So many business owners burn out because they don’t ask for help. You don’t have to be earning big $$$ or have it all figured out before you deserve help. If you’re serious about leveling up your business and taking care of yourself at the same time, book a free consult with us today.


Hi, Bosses!

Email is CRAZY powerful.

You can connect to anyone if you know what to say.

Download these 3 Email Marketing tricks for FREE.  


Stop overthinking and get in touch with the people that will make your business grow!

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