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Case Study: Jessica Ashley

Let's take a look at Jessica Ashley Divorce Coach for Moms, success journey at Let's Write Your Future!


"Because of our work together I have 15.2K followers on TikTok & was recognized as one of the top 10 Sex therapists on TikTok by Bustle. My private practice is full, I'm turning people away. I've been on a lot of great podcasts & local TV.  "

Full Commitment Made!

In our signature Cultural Download she realized she had to make a choice: "I'm going to die trying to make this old business model work or do the scary thing with you that will save me."

Thankfully, she chose us!

Transformation Achieved!

One of the more unexpected transformative experiences for Dr. Nikki was hiring her marketing manager Paloma:

"My life is so much more enriched because of Paloma. I was so blown away about how good she made me look that I literally called my cousin on FaceTime in the middle of my meeting with her. I was like look how good I look! She, and I just have like a really beautiful relationship. I have so much esteem and regard for her."


"It was really pivotal for me, having more confidence in myself as an entrepreneur. I really needed somebody to affirm that the choice I was making to bet on myself was actually worth it."

Yes it was Dr. Nikki, keep shining! 


Her Problem

Dr. Nikki didn't know how to articulate her vision & voice on social media. She was overwhelmed with the day-to-day and didn't have the know how to gain notoriety and sustainability in her business using social media.

Viral Hurdle

Dr. Nikki did not go viral right away. In fact, it took her a couple of months. It happened during one of our monthly Content Parties where she came all the way out and went viral. Since then, she has gone viral several times, with one video getting MILLIONS of views after being reposted on Twitter. 

Watch this Live clip with Dr. Nikki for the full story!
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