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In 12 short weeks you'll go from... 

Afraid to show your authentic self on camera


Unsure of how to articulate and communicate the value of what you do


Burned out from doing everything alone




Create an authentic brand on IG & TikTok

Gain the knowledge to be confident on video

Get the media recognition you deserve

With the Social Media Accelerator


What's it costing you to spend another day playing small,

when you know you're meant to be famous?


An authentic brand strategy on Instagram & TikTok,
The confidence & visibility you need on camera to get the
media recognition & celebrity you deserve

  Gain Confidence  

Never wonder what to post again! Embrace that social media is not about you. It's about your audience seeing an authentic representation of themselves thriving.

Save Time

Impact more lives without adding hours to your workday. Know how to post on social media in a meaningful way. No more basic infographics, we want to hear the real you!

Authentic Visibility

Grow an authentic audience that you can sell to and inspire. Attract the media & speaking engagements and virality you deserve.

What you get with the
Social Media Accelerator

We Don't Just Care About Social Media, We Care About You.
Check out these


How it works

Step 1
Fill Out Application

Take 2-minutes to take our application and book your Next Step Call. We'll reach out to you within 24-hours if you've been accepted.

Step 2
Benchmark Assessment

After you book, get access to our signature Benchmark Assessment. You'll know exactly the areas you need to work on to get the visibility you desire.

Step 3
Next Step Call

We'll meet live 1-on-1 & I'll answer any questions you have to help you decide if the Social Media Accelerator is the right next step for you.


Here's how we'll increase your visibility together:

Small Group CLASSES

Meet live every week for 12 weeks as a group of 3 - 6 people. Get all of the help you need with our proven framework and process to create your authentic brand.

Easy to Digest CONTENT

The Social Media Accelerator digital curriculum is concise and easy to access from any digital device through our private digital platform on Membervault. 

Likeminded COMMUNITY

You will be surrounded by other professionals just like you. You’ll be able to network, learn from each others, support each other, and keep your drive high!

How to Know if You're Ready for Social Media Accelerator NOW

We seek professionals and experts with specific criteria. The fact is, we can only accept a limited number of participants and guarantee results to those who are qualified and ready to show up, do the work, and achieve the objectives of the program. 

This is For: 

Professionals & Experts who are:​

  • Ready to grow their impact beyond 1:1 clients

  • Have the capacity for increased speaking & media engagements

  • Willing to use social media to become a visible industry thought leader

  • Are all done going social media alone

  • Know the benefit of doing hard work 

  • Open and ready to be a student 

This is NOT For: 

  • People who only want to use social media to gain more 1:1 clients to pay bills

  • People who are disorganized and have too many projects going on 

  • People who want to hide behind a perfect facade and fake growth hacks

  • Those not ready for an emotional transformation

  • Someone who isn’t interested in interacting with their digital community

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Want to feel safe in your commitment? 
Check out our guarantees

SET ME FREE GUARANTEE: If after your first two classes, you decide this program isn’t for you, we’ll give you a refund plus $100 because we want you to be fully informed and you can only do that from the inside. Best case, you love what you learn, worst case you say set me free, I give you a full refund plus $100 and you walk away with foundational knowledge. ​ GOT YOUR BACK GUARANTEE: We will work with you 1-on-1 free of charge until you achieve the promised program results. You have the ability to succeed on social media all you need to do is take the first step If you’re ready to act on your intuition and step into your power, let’s do this. Apply for The Social Media Accelerator Now.

In the Social Media Accelerator You'll Finally...

Have an authentic brand on Instagram & TikTok that gets you the visibility and media recognition you deserve!

Are you ready to let go of the lack of knowledge and confidence holding you back?


Unlike other online-based coaching programs, Social Media Accelerator does not give a bunch of hacks without addressing your emotional blocks and strengths.


We focus on YOU and YOUR STORY.


As a member of The Social Media Accelerator, you will not only be guided step-by-step through the coursework, but you will be supported and held accountable for your goals in our weekly small group classes.


The best part is how quickly you will see results. From class one you'll know who you're talking to and how to use the powerful tool of social media to get the visibility you want. If you think this is for you, trust yourself enough to take this small step and join the waitlist.


Imagine the impact you could have if you knew how to use social media to share what has made  you successful in the real world right now.


Join the waitlist to The Social Media Accelerator TODAY.

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