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We've learned a few simple tips and tricks over the years that can help you get the edge you need on Social Media

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Dr. Samara Toussaint
School Psychologist/Owner, Path2Growth Counseling

"I highly recommend Devon because she is so inspiring. She has truly helped me with my social media goals and beyond. I am incredibly thankful for the way she challenges me to show up as my best self on all platforms. Anyone who works with her will walk away with so many gems!"

Dr. Nikki Coleman
PSYPACT Licensed Psychologist/Owner, Dr.NikkiKnows

"Devon and her team were singularly pivotal in facilitating my social media presence and growth. I worked with them through their Social Media Accelerator program and beyond. Their keen insight, experience, and attention to me as a client helped me build my brand, increase my audience, and amplify my voice in the social media landscape. I have so much confidence in my social media presence because of her. I cannot recommend her and the whole Let’s Write Your Future team enough!"


Dr. Vanessa Freeman
Owner and Psychologist at Searching for Self Counseling and Consulting, LLC

"I have really enjoyed working with Devon! Her ability to encourage, challenge, and problem-solve has helped me find my voice on social media. Working with her as also helped me clarify my mission, vision, and goals for my business and myself. I am so glad that I made the decision to work with Devon and Let's Write Your Future and would highly recommend you do the same if you are looking for help finding your voice!"


Sherri S Wick MS, LCPC, NCC
Psychotherapist/Owner Holistic Divine Counseling & TGOC LLC

"Doing this program helped me show up on social media as I do everywhere else... There's a level of having accepted my full self. My relationship with social media, how I think about it and how I show up has changed and that is priceless. Your program is truly different it really is, even the conversations that I have with my husband, it's different."


Dr. Jameca Woody Cooper
Criminal & Clinical Psychologist consultant at Emergence Psychological Services

"Devon and her company are excellent! She has helped me define my marketing plan and improve my execution. My social media engagement has grown consistently!! I highly recommend her!"

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Sharea Farmer, LCSW
Executive Director & Consultant/Leadership Coach at RSCWC (DEI & TIC)

"Working with Devon was an amazing experience! Not only did she offer a process for Social Media success, she aligned with my values and allow for authentic expression of my brand as well as goals! I would recommend her for any mental health professional looking to take their brand to the next level!"


Dr. Tanya A. Royster MD
Clinical Psychiatrist/Owner, A Better World LLC

"Working with Devon was a wonderful experience. She and her team provided a clear roadmap with achievable but challenging tasks that supported me reaching my self identified goals. I would highly recommend her program to anyone who is looking to expand their social media reach."


Camille Banks-Lee
Psychotherapist/Owner, CBL Psychotherapy.

"Thank you Devon & Rebecca for helping to make me a better therapist and a better business owner! I would highly recommend working with you because I now have skills about cultivating my brand, knowing what I want to do on social media platforms and the confidence to take that business acumen with me everywhere!"


Mychelle Williams LPC, NCC
Relationship Therapist/Owner, Therapy To A Tea Co

 "Working with Let’s Write Your Future has been incredibly transformative. I used to be so scared of making videos online especially as it related to my experience as a therapist but now I feel like I’ve found my voice and I've had many client referrals from TikTok!"


Sarah Peck
Entrepreneur & Community Builder/Owner, Startup Parent.

"You kept showing up, and following up, and checking in. Doing social media is so much about bravery and vulnerability and working through blocks, and you were RIGHT that people will ghost in the program. Some days you dragged me across that finish line, and I feel so unbelievably grateful for that, so thank you."


Margaret Gathunguri
Functional Nutritionist/Owner, Rock Your Unique Nutrition

"Your service, helped me free up my analysis paralysis around what I should post, book my first client and pre-sell my e-book on TikTok... Thank you both... You guys are on to something truly magical with your service.⁠"


Morganne Brownlee
Therapist & Health Coach/Owner, The Boujie Vegan.

"It feels good to have been guided on the front end. It helped me find my niche and helped discover what the audience wants to hear. I still don’t understand why the one video has 10k views. But that’s a good thing. Now that I understand my mission and why I am doing this in the first place. Overall, I feel good about this experience."


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